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Nourishment in Nature for the management staff of Weleda UK

A team of Transpersonal Therapeutic Arts practitioners facilitated a day of art therapy at Weleda Gardens, the place of medicinal plants and flowers, used to make their luscious toiletries and medicine.

At the end of the day, our guests reported:

"I could trust the facilitators to hold me".

"I felt completely cared for, and accepted".

"The arts processes were deeply nourishing, like breathing".

"I think all our staff should experience the day".

"I loved the singing in circle, the soup, and cake!"

"What a humbling experience full of love!".

Our vision Developing a collaboration between Weleda and AATA to find new ways to support people therapeutically in the ethos of integrative medicine. Responding to the world wide crisis of climate change and pandemic by developing sustainable ideas:

  • A program of plant-art activity run by art therapists that bring inspiring and informative experiences of the properties of the plants used and grown seasonally by Weleda

  • Our offerings would provide a real experience of the benefits of working with plants (plant life, form, rhythm, story, plant colour, ritual etc.) supported by a depth of Anthroposophic principals and medicine but in accessible nurturing creative experiences for people

  • Bringing wellbeing, healing experiences and developing a relationship to the plants

  • Bringing beauty, warmth and wonder but also integrative awareness of plant and product

Our inspiration for working with Weleda

  • Our AATA art therapists have been working with plants, especially medicinal plants in their practices in nature studies for many years and are currently witnessing a renaissance in the study of the benefits of plant colours, especially for the health of this time

  • Our work would demonstrate the incredible wonder of encountering the plant’s character, form and function and soul nature through the artistic process relating it to the work Weleda do, Weleda’s skin care, well-being products and medicines

  • The mutual work of integrating specific art practices alongside Weleda in the field of plant work would further demonstrate how the therapeutic art, anthroposophic medicine, biodynamic farming and commerciality of products can combine to reach people easily (without the need for the full anthroposophic understanding)

  • The relationship between human being and medicinal plant is such a key foundation in Anthroposophic medicine and one which art therapists can bring into the imagination and direction experience for either groups or individuals

  • There is such potential to further explore and strengthen this relationship with plants and wellbeing for people in their everyday lives, or to build bridges of experience with mainstream medical practitioners

Our initial thoughts are to offer this as a wellbeing package to:

  • NHS workers, or anyone working with hospital staff including porters, nurses, administrators, doctors, management

  • Or additionally other medical practitioners and key workers

  • People severely affected by the crisis

Further Opportunities

  • Social prescriptions

  • Collaborations with other gardens and community growing projects

What experience informs the work we offer:

  • Many years of experiences as Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts practitioners

  • BACP/HCPC registered transpersonal arts counsellors and art therapists

  • Wide range of knowledge of health i.e. well-being and illness: acute as well as chronic and progressive conditions, psychosomatic illnesses, mental health, developmental and neurological conditions, behavioural disorders, learning and physical disabilities, stress-management, trauma and PTSD, addiction, rehabilitation as well as crisis-intervention and emergency-aid, life-limiting conditions and end of life care:

  • Profound experiences and knowledge of art materials and techniques

  • Process orientated work and application of an expanded sensory system of 12 senses that integrates physical, emotional/social, cognitive and self intuited perceptions such as sense of self and health and well-being

  • Flexibility and creativity in finding ways to engaging in experienced based insights and self-knowledge

  • Provision of a confidential and safe space where personal experience is nurtured and contained

  • Experienced with individual as well as group therapy settings

  • Experienced in the development of new fields of work

  • All therapists have full professional indemnity cover

Outcomes we aim for:

  • Participants experience a sense of wonder, something new and life-giving from their engagement with the plants and creative practises

  • Positive feedback of a wellbeing experience. Warmth and interest is sparked from the activities and deeper knowledge is encountered

  • Knowledge of plants is enabled by the creative process

  • Internal awareness touched by meeting the plants through the creative process

  • Connections formed between medical workers (participants) and the Weleda ethos and products

  • Participants go home with insights into sustainable self-care, respect and reverence for nature - ideas of how to nurture themselves easily with plants (and products)

  • Participants experience the power of a group process, and the sense of a community of health and wellbeing

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