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A poem: Not an Ode to my Wellington Boots

The day my red boots inspired some antipathy!

You could try to listen beyond the literal if you can.

You could even recall your overall feeling of 2020 in this reading.

Thank you.

This is not an ode to my wellington boots

Who failed to protect my adventurous roots!

The man-made garment has run amock

Letting water into my merino wool sock! 

I was on my way, to the shops down river 

When a soggy sensation inspired a shiver! 

I looked at the puddle with leaves afloat

My right side had become a sinking boat!

A polarisation I started to perceive.

Recalling the expense, O my heart grieved.

Dare I complain to the welly-maker muggles?! 

That my toes were drowned in dark puddles!?

Was it villainous metal, or a viral brute?!

Who will investigate my bitter dispute?

I can’t even locate the naughty intrusion 

That has sent my soul into quite a confusion.

Without hard evidence who will partake

To rectify this injustice, or was it a mistake?

Perchance I stepped in the wrong sharp place!

When my thinking was all over the place?

Alas no death for synthetic things

Which plays melancholy on my heartstrings. 


By Nisha Halai

April 2023 

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