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Verses that I have found super supportive during challenging times

Here are some of the words that I have used and recommended to my client to hold oneself as we move through this global change together.


Choose whichever verse resonates within you.

It is best worked with for at least two weeks daily, ideally at the same time you choose to sit.

Observe how the words move through your Thinking and Feeling bodies, gifting you new realisations or questions.

In time, you may notice their health-inspiring aspects.

All the best.

My Favourite :)

Morning Verse

When I think light, my soul shines,

When my soul shines, the earth is a star,

When the earth is a star, then I am, a true human being.


Evening Verse

I am, a true human being

When the earth is a star

The earth is a star, when my soul shines

My soul shines, when I think light.

~Herbert Hahn

Waldorf school verses for 'children', of all ages :

Warm Our Hearts

Warm our hearts, oh sun, and give

Light that we may daily live.

Growing as we ought to be,

True and good and strong and free.

O Golden Sun

O golden sun so great and bright

Warms the world with all it’s might

It makes the dark earth green and fair

Attends each thing with ceaseless care

Oh may each deed throughout the day

May everything we do and say

Be bright and strong and true

O golden sun light you.

Our Group (by David Darcy)

A large and lovely land are we

With stars above and flowing seas

With rocks and trees and birds and beasts,

With far and near and great and least

With houses strong to keep us warm

And safe from snow and rain and storm

With friends on every side around

Full of love we stand our ground.

In the event of restlessness, anxiety, fear :

"I bear calm within myself, I bear within myself

The forces which strengthen me.

I want to fill myself

With the warmth of these forces,

I want to pervade myself

With the power of my will.

And I want to feel

How calm spreads

Through all my being

When I strengthen myself

To find calm as The force within me

Through the power of my striving".

- Rudolf Steiner GA 268

To care for breathing and warmth, overcoming external isolation through a relationship with the world :

"In my heart

Shines the power of the sun

In my soul

The warmth of the world is at work.

I want to breath

The power of the sun

I want to feel

The warmth of the world.

Let the power of the sun fill me

Let the warmth of the world penetrate me.

- Rudolf Steiner GA 268

To empower oneself :

"Spirit Triumphant!

Flame through the impotence of faltering, fainthearted souls!

Burn up selfishness,

kindle compassion,

so that selflessness,

the lifestream of humanity,

may flow as the wellspring

of spiritual rebirth!"

— Rudolf Steiner

For the care of the relationship with light and the sun :

"When I look into the sun

Its light tells me radiantly

Of the spirit which mercifully

Prevails through cosmic beings.

Sun, bearer of radiance,

The power of your light in matter

Conjures life out of the boundless riches

Of the depths of the earth.

When I feel into my heart,

The spirit speaks its own words

Of the person whom it

Loves through all time and eternity.

Heart, bearer of the soul,

The power of your light in the spirit

Conjures life out of the human being's

Boundlessly deep inwardness.

I can see, in looking upwards,

In the sun's bright sphere

The mighty cosmic heart.

I can feel, looking inwards,

In the heart's warm life:

The ensouled sun of human beings".

— Rudolf Steiner

"The human being is a bridge Between the past and future existence. The present is a moment; moment as bridge.

Spirit grown to soul in matter's husk Comes from the past. Soul growing to spirit as seed encased Journeys toward the future. Grasp future things through past ones Hope for evolving things through what has evolved.

So grasp existence in evolving growth; So grasp what will be in what exists".

(Rudolf Steiner to Dr. Ita Wegman in December, 1920).

The Sufi Invocation

Toward the One,

the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty,

the Only Being,

United with All the Illuminated Souls,

Who form the Embodiment of the Master,

the Spirit of Guidance.

The Prayers of Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

(Written out as they are commonly spoken in present times at gatherings)

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