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Over the last 8 years, I have navigated through various transformative arts processes, that weave a tapestry full of dynamic movements that may appear as 'mental health challenges'. 

Through my counselling work, I support children, young people and adults to artistically explore ways of beings, to move towards their higher potential.

I have found that Transpersonal Arts processes can help to hone the skills of becoming more aware of our inner and outer challenges. As someone who had met various intense challenges in early childhood and as a young adult, I have come to make new meaning of my reflective relationships and feelings, thanks to personally tested Anthroposophical therapies, self-care tools, wellbeing exercises, and remedies. 

In essence, I support people to ask to ask deeper questions and learn to listen to what comes back.


How can we can begin to feel into this uncertainty and in so many unknowns? 

How can we feel safe to be ourselves and to change ourselves where needed?

How can we speak out, trusting we will be fully received and understood? 


We are all learning to be human individuals whilst being in community, and in this work, I have found Transpersonal Arts one way to support self-exploration and the revealing of whatever may be inviting recognition, and loving change. 

The person-centred counselling empowers you to make meaning of your Life - as a human being in relationship with the Earth.


We can say "As I change, my relationship to myself changes, and my relationships change. I am changed through my reflective relationships". Like the changing seasons of Nature, change is inevitable. How we move towards changes can be learned and practiced through art-making and self enquiry.


Moving through discomforts, new horizons may be inspired to arise, and new ground to be felt under your feet. 

If you would like to experience what this practice can offer you, feel free to contact me via email for a free consultation to see if we would like to work together.

Thank you. 

Nisha, Arts Counsellor of Art Therapy

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