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Paint Swatches


Customised to Fit Your Needs

We live in a world where we may often look to external sources for meaning and happiness. Yet within each of us, lies the key to feeling stronger, happier and more capable. The answer is as simple as taking a few moments to ourselves, picking up a pencil or paintbrush, or a lump of clay, and seeing what comes out.

Art therapy is a simple and wonderfully freeing way to access our inner wisdom as well as a natural path to healing.

Transpersonal Art therapy is a creative approach that can be used to tap into your inner landscape and explore your own personal imagery. You do not need to be an artist to try art therapy either; you simply need to put pencil, crayon or paint to paper and let the creativity flow.

Transpersonal Art Therapy allows you to travel within yourself in search of healing and strength. ‘Transpersonal’ literally refers to ‘travelling within by means of meditation’ or ‘denoting or relating to states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity’. The processes take you on a journey beyond your conditioned thinking and into a deeper state of relaxation where you can access a higher state of consciousness. Doing this, allows you to release what is hidden in your subconscious by bringing it to a conscious level, by way of Art.

Art and therapy are both associated with healing. To create art from within ,has an inherent healing power. The images you see can be deepened to and parts amplified, to help facilitate new understandings and intuitive insights. Mark-making as Art-making can be particularly useful to help verbalise overwhelming emotions from the past traumas and unresolved issues and to meet present crises. Our work can help with life transitions, stress, loss, grief, anger, body image and eating disorders. The imagery created is all about the meaning it has to you, not anyone else, as Transpersonal Art Therapy is client-centred and not diagnostic. It can help you to formulate new perceptions that in turn can lead to positive growth and healing.

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