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Listening for Decision-Making Workshops

What I offer through my work


I design and facilitate exercises in Listening in a threefold way based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner's work.

The practices can benefit people in organisations, companies, families, schools, offices, places of contemplation, and any group willing to participate in the guided process. 


“Listening for Decision-making” enables living thoughts to arise through the group as a container, that you can then use for conducting decision-making meetings with others.



How I facilitate this offering?


Workshop series are designed to suit your timings and group needs.

The series can be led online with break-out rooms or in-person.

Homework practices are encouraged with family, colleagues, and friends to develop the courage to listen.

Groups can range from 4 to 100 in a room, where I will call in colleagues to work with me.

We will look at the following aspects together with self reflection and self-direction being the key to change:

Current views and experiences of Listening and Speaking

  • Holding inner questions 

  • Postures and Facial expressions 

  • Thinking / Facts

  • Feelings / Experiences

  • Practicing Listening with Sensory Engagement

  • Perception in Listening and Speaking

*Where people are finding it challenging to listen through words, small guided arts processes and gentle rhythmical movements can support the relearning of verbal and spatial communication.

Group Meeting
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