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Updated: Jan 26

Arts Education / Therapy

Diverse Abilities

Adam Blanning: Understanding Deeper Developmental Needs: Holistic Approaches for Challenging Behaviours in Children. Neurodiversity is for Everyone.

Parenting and Education

Anthroposophical Learning


Parenting / Child Development

Digital Technology

Moral Technologies


Medical Research

Other sites I appreciate:

Christian Mysteries - website, lectures and blog - Andrew Linnel:

Christian Mysteries - blog by Andrew Linnell “From the Ancient Mysteries to Golgotha to the Future”

Rilybrad's Blog - blog by Bradford Riley:

The great Rudolf Steiner Quotes Site - blog by Ridzerd van Dijk:

Reverse Ritual: Understanding Anthroposophy Through the Rhythms of the Year - blog by Hazel Archer Ginsberg:

Mieke Mosmuller’s Philosophical Reflections Blog - blog:

Mieke Mosmuller’s Philosophical Reflections Blog - Blog Calendar of the Soul - website:

Community of Spirits: Building a Bridge Between the So-called Living and the So-called Dead - website and blog by Joellyn St Pierre:

Become Like a Flame - blog by Liza Joy Marcato, CC priest:

Manichean Christianity - blog:

Wellspring — blog by Larry Clark:

Ponderings - blog by Gemma Laming:

Adiana Koulias Blog:

Southern Cross Review by Frank Thomas Smith - website

"Review of fiction, education, science, current events, essays, book reviews, poetry and Anthroposophy." - website - Terry Boardman, author and lecturer

Articles on the New World Order, East-west issues, Kaspar Hauser and more:

Otto Scharmer - author of Theory U - website:

The Great Rudolf Steiner Quotes Site - website by Ridzerd van Dijk:

Adriana Koulias - website with links to her lectures and books

Doyletics - website by Bobby Matherne

Digestworld - Good Mountain Press' Monthly Issue of News & Reviews & Even More

Rudolf Steiner Library - blog:

Spiritual Science is Practical - blog

The Threefold Report - Thoreau College - blog:

Living Waters Wellness Resources - weekly blog by Jeff Smith

Mayflower Bookshop blog - blog by Robert

Stella Polaris - blog by Søren Voltmar

Search for the Holy Grain - blog by Koen (pronounced "Koon") van der Meer:

Lecture Archive of the Christian Mysteries - website

The Christian Community Movement for Religious Renewal: Taconic Berkshire Region - blog

Living Waters Wellness Articles: “The Spirit !” - by Jeff Smith - website

Gabrielle Armenier Eurythmy Agency - blog

Websites/blogs by Joel A. Wendt:

Living Thinking in Action (essay):

Sacramental Thinking (book, includes the above):

“descriptions of my ‘graduation’ ceremony (i.e. meeting the lesser guarding, the Greater Guardian, and the experience of the Second Pentecost in the Ethereal)”

“Surfing the Coming Tsunami of Future History” - "anthroposophy for the third millennium"

Famous Alumni of Anthroposophy

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So generous of you, Nisha, to compile and share these signposts to such rich and profound resources. These inspirational sources are a support and antidote to our hard times.


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