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If you have found yourself at my site, then you may be looking for a more responsible and self-directed way to discern what is happening within, and around you at this time. 

You may be looking for a way to arrive at your own knowing. 
Perhaps you are feeling sensitive to your inner changes or to changes in others around you. 
Maybe you are more aware of injustices that you had lived. 
Or maybe you are noticing the extremes of vulnerability and need for self-care, or extremes of courage and need for self-care.

In 2020, when the global crises occurred, pulling humanity into a polarisation of right-wrong, good-bad, black-white, they-me, healthy-unhealthy and so on...  I found my way to discerning what can help to bring a threefold balance in: 
Anthroposophy "The Wisdom of the Human Being". 
Through my personal-social explorations based on Threefoldness, I was able to arrive at the recognition of Love that is the Christ Being around the Earth and our heart. Because of the sacrifice, the forces of Love are available as a way for  humanity to reconnect to our Spiritual Home.

As we move towards increased individuality and freedom to self-direct our lives, certain dangers may find us:  extremes of self-hood, extremes of desire, greed, fear, hatred, doubt, denial, shame, and guilt. The dangers are many and often hidden amidst feel-good activities, and addictions to food-drink, to things, people, and numbing-exciting activities. The counter-balance is what the Christ being is here for - a renewal of the heart - the place of wounding and healing.

For those of us who grasp that the planetary movements can affect us, I sense an urgency to meet the middle of duality sooner as the next two corners of The Great Conjunction triune will meet us in 2028 and 2024. Preparation of what comes towards us from the future, and what is inviting digestion and transformation, is what I support people to do.  If this way of approaching yourself calls to you, utilising arts-based, nature-based, and people-based processes, then please feel free to contact me. A program can be created based on need.


The Work

I facilitate one-to-one and small group spaces to inspire Personal and World Change. I also work with a group of therapeutic arts facilitators offering workshops for self-transformation towards a healthy balanced form of freedom. This is not a results-based approach that makes promises of growth, as the discernment of change is for the individual to name as Intuition strengthens.  Whilst Outcomes such as relaxation and confidence can arise, I do not work to a prescribed list of specific goals. As Safety is established, any number of development changes may bear fruit; some that may not be nameable or discernable until many years later. 

I guide one-to-one and small groups sessions of arts processes, that may include painting, drawing, sculpting, eurythmy, singing, poetry, creative writing.
I also include nature-based observation and listening processes; indoors and outdoors, and over time.
I facilitate threefold listening in small group conversation, to group selected questions

To support human beings to face the collective work of transforming inner impressions of conditioning (personal and world karma). Human Beings make meaning of life events and encounters, of the past and through life.  In recognising the nuances of meaning that could be true, new understanding, humility, trust, peace and love may arise. 

Essentially, I offer people what I have found helpful of Anthroposophical therapies. 


Possible Changes, by bearing the crises,
by making crossings in Threefoldness with the Christ Being

- A recognition for the beauty of inner intuition, by reducing the intellectual side a little and moving towards rhythmical ways of relating
- An understanding of the Why behind what you have lived and what action may be needed next

- A feeling for how to self-regulate and self-direct your developing sensitivities
- Changes in thoughts and feelings, that promote flexibility
- Moments of peace within, and towards a another.
- Courage to do the right thing in the right moment
- A higher recognition of justice
- Forgiveness of self and others
- A sense for true beauty and goodness
- A discernment for truth
- The Flowering of morality
- Universal Love and Altruism

“The time has come to recognise the powerful contribution the arts can make to our health and wellbeing.”

— Lord Howarth of Newport, co-chair of the APPG on arts, health and wellbeing

Contact Form / Mailing List

Aberdeen-based in-person therapeutic arts and listening workshops, study groups, and talks. 

(Willing to travel - Any time outside of school-term timetables

for North East Scotland)

Creative Therapeutic Arts for Personal and World Health

MA Transpersonal Arts Counsellor

Arts for Connection, Freedom and Social Change

Multi-Disciplinary Artist

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