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Colorful Leaves


Sometimes it is difficult to find the words to describe your emotions or how you are feeling.

Art has the potential to heal.

The art-making process and creative therapies can be a reparative and a holistic approach for people to develop new ways of being and relating while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself, and building on self-empowerment.

With professional guidance based on Anthroposophical artistic principles, I can support you to ask deeper questions through marks, lines, colours, shapes, substances, metaphors and stories.


Welcome to the home of Apple Aniseed Arts, a school of arts for health and wellbeing.

With 43 years of intensely transformative life experiences and personal research for a way to take charge of my own wellbeing and peace, I am the Founder of “Apple Aniseed Arts” who bring supported arts processes that can inspire sustainable 'whole person health’.

By 2013, I had successfully explored a 15-year career as a Corporate Banking and Reporting Analyst in London. The interactions and insights continue to inform my work in Therapeutic Arts.

Rooted in anthroposophical principles, my growing work is to support myself and others to regenerate creative ecosystems, through the awareness of how diverse uses of art-making can transform the self and our society in personal, cultural and spiritual ways. 

My creative interests and my personal experience of art as a catalyst for healing, inspired me to qualify as a Transpersonal Arts Counsellor (City and Guilds Level 7 Award - MCGI). I am a fully-registered member with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

As a multi-disciplinary artist and counsellor, I invite adults and children of all ages to honour the process of creating and digesting inner imagery, beliefs and meaning. By perceiving dynamic ‘bridges’ between body and mind, between self and other, between thinking and willing, where clarity and wellbeing can be cultivated and maintained.

Through guided and intuitive art-making, I hope to empower and support individuals in taking responsibility for their personal wellbeing. I have come to firmly believe that the arts can be enlisted to assist in addressing a number of difficult and pressing challenges for humanity and our Earth home, and I invite you to experience its gifts and superpowers. 

For more information, contact me today. Thank you.



London, UK

Creative Therapeutic Arts

Multi-Disciplinary Artist

MA Transpersonal Arts Counsellor

Arts for Connection, Freedom and Social Change

Based in London, UK (willing to travel)

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