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Hello and Welcome 

Together we can perceive the 'bridge' between aspects of Life


Rooted in anthroposophical principles, my growing work is to support people to regenerate creative ecosystems, through the awareness of how diverse uses of art-making can transform the self

and our society in personal, cultural and spiritual ways. 

By perceiving dynamic ‘bridges’ between body and mind, between

self and other, between thinking and willing, where clarity and wellbeing can be cultivated and maintained.


Through Transpersonal Art Therapy and Counselling work, I support children, young people and adults to artistically

explore ways to move towards their higher potential. 

In essence, I support people to ask to ask deeper questions and learn to listen to what comes back.

How can we feel safe to be ourselves and to change ourselves where needed?

How can we speak out, trusting we will be fully received and understood? 

How can we can begin to feel into this uncertainty in so many unknowns? 


Whether through the engagement of our senses towards the weather, minerals, rocks, plants, trees, animals,

birds, bugs, and to each other, I create supportive opportunities for you to make meaning of your Life

- as a human being in relationship with the Earth.


In time, we may come to say:

"As I open to change, my relationship to myself changes, and my relationships change.

I am changed through my reflective relationships".

Like the changing seasons of Nature, change is inevitable.

How we move towards changes can be learned and practiced through art-making and self enquiry.


Moving through discomforts, new horizons may be inspired to arise, and new ground to be felt under our feet. 

Through my public speaking work, I present my creative writing and artwork, alongside some personal biography. 

In offering parts of my story, I hope to inspire individuals who are increasingly taking responsibility

for their personal learning and development, by asking deeper questions of themselves. 

Through my Listening for Decision-Making group practice series, I facilitate ways in which we can listen into our own individuality, whilst opening to the experiences and perspectives of the others in the circle. I offer this work

because someone listened to me in 2017, which ignited my courage to work towards becoming able to listen - 

a deeply transformative endeavour. 

Qualification: Masters in Transpersonal Therapeutic Arts (City and Guilds Level 7 Award - MCGI).

- Fully-registered member with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

I have come to firmly believe that the arts can be enlisted to assist in addressing a number of difficult

and pressing challenges for humanity, and I invite you to experience its gifts and possibilities.


Thank you.



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Aberdeen-based in-person workshops and talks

(Willing to travel - Any time outside of school-term timetables

for North East Scotland)

Creative Therapeutic Arts for Health

MA Transpersonal Arts Counsellor

Arts for Connection, Freedom and Social Change

Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Thank you.

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