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Festival of Color

"I used to get really mad at everyone and now I feel calm and stronger".


"I don't know how you did it, but you got me reading books. I never used to like reading".


I feel so much happier, and I'm meeting people who are helpful in my new career selling plants".


"Discovering soft pastels with you had been amazing! I feel like I can breathe again"


"If you hadn't taken him on, he would have been expelled from school. You saved him Nisha".


"She's now able to articulate that she would rather sit and read alone, rather than yell and push at her classmates".

AP parents

"I loved the interactive singing. My heart felt different, and I could breathe deeper"

Art, Sound, Movement Workshop Participant

"I felt the power of Transpersonal Art Therapy, which was different to the other conventional Art Therapy work I had tried before. I'm so glad I trusted the process even though I'm not a Spiritual person".


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